Thursday, January 8, 2009

Treadmill Test

Unfortunately the battery was running low so I could not get the wheel to stay vertical. Also, the treadmill's belt still needs to be tightened to eliminate the various bumps and folds along it.

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lysandre said...

Hello, I'm working on a remote monowhell too, it is built with lego. I searched on internet If there were other remote monowhell and I didn't found many things but yours.
I don't see video with the monowhell running. Do you succeed to make it work ? Have you try it on a large area ? Does the guidance work ?

In my version the stability is awesome ! So I think yours should be too.

But I have actually issue with the guidance. I'm trying to control more precisly the speed to solve the problem. I think it is the key for a drivable monowheel.

You can find my version of the monowhell here (in french) :